3 Pests to Fight Off During Winter: Pest Control Ovilla, TX Experts’ Guideline

Just because the temperatures drop a little in fall and significantly during winter, this doesn’t mean all pests go dormant waiting for better, sunnier days. On the contrary, pest control Ovilla, TX specialists advise residents to keep their eyes open for many creepy crawlers which are now determined more than ever to find a cozy place on your property and feed on your plants, trees, veggies and other goods. From the larger, visible ones, to the smaller, almost invisible ones, your lands swarms with pests waiting to lay their eggs and spread terror and mayhem onto your crops. Lawn care Arlington, TX experts joined forces with their pest control Ovilla, TX colleagues and give us today a short overview on five winter pests we should keep at bay with all costs.

1. Mice and Rats

All types of rodents are extremely dangerous, especially because they can invade your outdoor territory and infiltrate into the house as well. Mice and rats feed on anything living, from flower bulbs to plants and trees roots or bark. They also damage the soil, feast on late veggies or vegetables leftovers and can also damage the seeds. Look for galleries, damaged shrubs and plants, chewed tree bark. Remember that rodents are disease carriers, so fight them off with care. Call your local lawn care Ovilla, TX expert company for a complete assessment and some pest control measures – including squirrels, raccoons and other critters.

2. Southern Yellow Jackets

It is true that Texas doesn’t get usually as cold as other areas in the U.S., but this doesn’t mean you are completely safe from winter pests. For instance lawn care Red Oak, TX specialists warn everybody to keep their eyes open and look for southern yellow jackets. These paper wasps are usually active around Austin, but they can reach your area as well. They are very aggressive and you should be careful, as they nest on the ground. Even if they look like usual bees, you should take immediate measures in case you lay eyes on them. Remember they nest during spring and summer, so you can have a full infestation on your hands in late fall or winter.

3. Firewood Bugs

There are some types of firewood bugs which can’t wait to be brought inside your house and then have their ways undisturbed. These bugs love wood, purely and simply, and they take residence inside wood piles. The termites are the worst, but you can also find some nasty stink bugs or chinch bugs you need to get rid of quickly. While they are not extremely active in cold temperatures, they do present significant risks, as you can transport them into the home by accident. If you store wood for any reason, make sure it is deposited above the ground, on plastic platforms. Cover the wood with plastic sheets, keep it dry and check it before using it. If you see them crawling, call for pest control specialists.

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