3 Efficient Solutions for Lawn Repair and Lawn Care Mansfield TX

Any property owner dreams of a perfectly appointed lawn and garden, with lush vegetation that provides the perfect backdrop for their leisure time. However, in some cases the lawn looks so damaged that it may seem beyond repair. Such is the case when you’ve just purchased a new home, for instance, whose lawn looks like it hasn’t received any attention in years. Or maybe you have been financially unable to properly care for your own property greens. Perhaps you never had the time to attend to it, because of your hectic lifestyle.Whatever the case may be, a good lawn care company will make it its priority to restore your turf to its former beauty and health. We at Earthtones Maintenance have plenty of experience in reviving lawns Arlington, Grand Prairie and elsewhere in the Mansfield TX area. The first step our experts always take is to figure out the cause behind the damage and decay. Most often, the deciding factor is the quality of the soil beneath your turf.

At this point, it should be noted that the soil in the Mansfield area usually requires some extra special lawn maintenance services. It is compacted, high in clay percentage, and often improperly drained. All these conditions may render even your best lawn care efforts useless. When pest infestations, poor lawn care services, and bad weather also factor in, it’s impossible not to end up with a dead or highly damaged lawn.

After they’ve determined the root cause of the issue, our lawn service technicians will take one of the following three approaches:

  1. Overseed

Overseeding is the only solution available for properties which have no soil quality issues. This approach doesn’t involve removing the lawn, but simply removing the thatch accumulated on its surface and digging slits into the ground. Then, fresh grass seeds are planted and allowed to germinate.

  1. Keep the grass as is

If, on the other hand, bad soil conditions are the issue, then our experts will try a completely different strategy. Luckily, this one doesn’t involve lawn removals either. All it takes is core soil aeration or aerification. You’ve probably seen this done in school yards or on soccer fields. The procedure aims to do away with the thatch on the ground and to de-compact the ground.

  1. Remove the lawn

Sometimes, though, the soil is so massively compacted, poorly drained, and rich in clay, that our technicians will have nothing left to do but remove the lawn you’ve got right now and start over. After the grass is removed, herbicidal substances need to be applied, in order to get rid of the perennial weeds which are likely growing on its surface. Then comes composting, peating, or top-soiling with organic matter, in order to improve the quality of the soil.

We highly recommend that you work with a specialized lawn maintenance company in any of the above situations. They are highly effort-intensive and sensitive. One mistake could ruin your lawn for good, instead of rehabilitate it. To boot, going the DYI route would be very time consuming and far more expensive than hiring a team of pros. So try out our services, at Earthtones Maintenance, and, after we fix your lawn for you, we’ll make sure to also future-proof it with our solid tips and advice for self-care.

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