3 Do’s and Don’ts in Spring Preparations: Lawn Care Arlington, TX Specialists’ Guide

The first sun rays and a good row of warm days ignite in many homeowners what lawn care Arlington, TX specialists “the spring fever.” Everybody is outside talking about lawn preparations and everybody wants to do something in the garden. While this is not a bad thing per se, some early spring lawn care activities can actually damage the lawns. In other words, arm yourself with a bit of patience before anything else. If you are new to lawn caring and gardening, our lawn care Arlington, TX experts, together with their landscaping Kennedale, TX colleagues have a short guide for you, including some do’s and don’ts you need to consider before you trample all over the place, lawn mower blazing and weed killers pouring!


1. Make an Overall Assessment

First you need to see if the soil is ready for a new season, if the landscape irrigation system works properly, if the lawn needs overseeding or special treatments and so on. Call your lawn care Arlington, TX company to perform a soil test and an overall post-winter evaluation, including vegetation and equipment functionality.

2. Light Raking, Cleaning and Debris Removal

Even if it’s Texas we are talking about, the low winter temperatures surely affected your turf to some degree. While you don’t have to fight against heavy snow mold, you still need to clean up some debris. Use the leaves rake and not the garden one and lightly clean up the place, without forcing anything. You need to let the turf grow as temperatures get higher and higher and remove dead leaves and tissue with care.

3. Get Your Lawn Mower Ready

It’s not a good time to mow anything right now, but it’s better to be prepared. Sharpen the mower blades, fix it in case it works improperly or is broken and make sure everything works at high standards before you get to the actual mowing.


1. Don’t Begin Pre-Emergence Treatments

Crabgrass won’t start germinating and developing right now, so there’s no need for you to stress and damage turf and seedlings with unnecessary treatments. Ask your lawn care Arlington, TX company to give you the green light on pre-emergence herbicides’ uses or ask them to take care of this task when time comes.

2. Don’t Fertilize Just Yet

Let your turf green up fully and reach its mowing height before you start using fertilizers. Your local lawn care Arlington, TX specialists can provide you with a correct calendar to include aeration, overseeding, fertilization and weed control. Even if the warm temperatures of your area claim sooner actions in this regard, you need to listen to your lawn management team and respect the schedules they offered you.

3. Don’t Plant Anything without Guidance

Our lawn care Arlington, TX experts are all for planting new flowers and trees, revamping the lawn and landscape with flower beds and hedges, shrubs, bushes, scented herbs, trees and even vegetables. The warm climate might compel you to start planting vegetation, but ask your lawn care experts to help you pick the right plants and make a schedule you can follow.

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