2 Sneaky Pests to Look Out for This Time of Year – Pest Control Grand Prairie, TX Pros’ Advice

Some Texan pests are more dangerous than others and seasoned gardeners already know how to spot them and manage them in a safely manner. However, some pests seem to be sneaky enough to escape our attention until it is too late. They are often disregarded and many people don’t even know they are preying on their lawns, vegetation and crops until they are faced with the visible damages they leave behind. Some of these pests are even tolerated as being “normal for this time of year” and some homeowners don’t even bother getting rid of them. However, our pest control Grand Prairie, TX experts are here today to raise awareness on these pesky critters and their negative impact on your property if left uncontrolled.

1. Chinch Bugs

Many people haven’t even heard about them, let alone know what they are. This is very good for the chinch bugs as they can feed on your turf grasses undisturbed.

  • Common in many parts of the United States, they love heat and summer months the most, thriving uncontrollably and voraciously feeding on your lawn.
  • They are incredibly small in size – this is why they are hard to spot – and they also release a toxin that turns your turf brown.
  • Adult chinch bugs are small and rusty brown in color. As they reach full maturity, they get a gray-black hue and present white wings with black dots.
  • They favor fine fescue, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, bentgrass and zoysiagrass, but they will feed on anything, really.

If you notice such critters on your lawn, alert your local pest control Grand Prairie, TX experts, as control measures are in order. Usually, a powerful irrigation, followed by a pesticide treatment program and an organic fertilization process can get you rid of the chinch bugs and restore your turf.

2. Moths

When we think about moths, we usually fear for our indoor environments and our wool clothes – as moths are known for preying on natural fabrics. However, not many people know that moths are incredibly destructive on the outside as well. Specialists in the field say that there are over 100,000 varieties of moths in the world and many of these species are extremely dangerous for crops and flowering plants.

Talk to your local pest control Grand Prairie, TX team to make an assessment of your property in case you see damaged fruit crops (especially apples), vegetables and sweet nectar flowers – you may have a codling moth infestation on your hands and not even know it.

As pest control measures go, fighting against plant-loving moths, things get a little tricky. If you have a few organic measures at hand to protect your winter clothes (like dry lavender or chestnuts), when it comes to using pesticides for vegetation protection you need experts hands on deck. An aggressive treatment depends on the current temperatures in your area and it’s only a professional pest control Grand Prairie, TX team who can help you get rid of moths efficiently – as in this case, timing and type of chemicals used are of the essence.

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