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Pests and Plants: A Quick Summer Guide from our Pest Control Kennedale TX Specialists

There is nothing random in nature and this truth is easy to prove when you realize that many of your ornamental plants or delicious herbs and veggies also protect each other from pests. We have talked about companion plants before and plants able to deter pests, but our readers asked us for a more detailed guide on how to mix them. For those who are still new to organic gardening and pest control and for those who want a reminder for this season, let’s see what to plant to have fewer pests around this year. Our pest control Kennedale TX specialists have prepared a list for you to use! » Read More

Natural Lawn Edging Ideas: Lawn Care Arlington TX Experts’ Tips

A lush, spacious, green and strong lawn can look even better with some natural edging solutions. Lawn edges are used to separate the lawn from the other areas of your property, define limits borders and create barriers between different areas of your landscape. From a visual point of view, edging will make your lawn look neat, clean, organized and well-designed – in case you prefer more formal outdoor designs rather than “wilder”, less structured ones. Today our lawn care Arlington TX experts are here to give you a few ideas on lawn edging using natural materials, emphasizing thus the current trends of landscaping we mentioned on a previous occasion. » Read More

Create Focal Points this Summer: Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Specialists’ Advice

If your lawn and landscape looks a little dull this year, it’s time to think about creating focal points with the help of some well-chosen elements. Focal points are those spots on your lawn, front yard, patio, back yard, or garden where visual lines intersect. The human eye naturally follows lines and the most common focal points on your property are your front door, the intersection between the sidewalk and the porch or at the beginning or end of a path. Also, some focal points can be created in certain house angles and garden corners which would otherwise be neglected. When it comes to focal points, the main idea is to attract the eye towards them through color, shape, or size. Today, our lawn care Ovilla, TX experts are here to offer you some tips, tricks, and advice on creating focal points with the help of some amazing elements. » Read More

Bougainvillea Pest Control Mansfield TX Pros’ Guide

Bougainvilleas love Texas and Texas loves them back, especially for their high tolerance to heat and their amazing colors. But no matter if you cultivate bougainvilleas as potted plants, vines, or trees; they can get attacked by some nasty pests you should keep an eye on. Today our pest control Mansfield TX experts are here to present you with the most common bougainvillea pests you are likely to encounter this summer and what you can do to save your gorgeous ornamentals. » Read More

The Praying Mantis: Pest or Pet? Pest Control Waxahachie, TX Pros Share Their Knowledge

The Praying Mantis is a tad frightening at a first glance, especially in its adult stages, but by all accounts, these mantids are considered beneficial insects in a flower / vegetable garden. However, since mantids can feed on almost all types of insects and even small wildlife, many Texan homeowners consider them vicious pests one needs to get rid of. Attracting and caring for praying mantids in your garden certainly requires some skill and some vigilance, our pest control Waxahachie, TX experts consider, emphasizing on the benefits of the mantids as natural pest hunters.

In case you didn’t make up your mind about mantids and their entertainment vs. deterrence, let’s hear what our pest control Waxahachie, TX experts have to say about this amazing and curious creature! » Read More

The Mighty Marigold: Lawn Care Mansfield, TX Specialists’ Guide on Planting

If you don’t already cultivate marigolds, you should start now according to our lawn care Mansfield, TX specialists – flower buffs in love with the yellow, orange, copper, gold, and brass nuances of these mighty, gorgeous annuals. Marigolds are probably some of the easiest flowers to cultivate and care for in these parts, as they love the sun, have few pests to deal with and are excellent companion plants for a handful of vegetables. In case you want to learn more about marigolds, our lawn care Mansfield, TX pros want to offer you today a quick guide on cultivating these amazing flowers. » Read More

Paint in Pink: Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Pros’ Recommendations of Texas Wildflowers

Having a lush and beautiful front lawn, garden and landscape is every homeowner’s dream came true. This year pink and all shades of violets are quite in fashion, so why shouldn’t you bring in some sweet, fairytale-like pink flowers on your property? Given the fact that lawn care and gardening in Texas should consider sustainable landscaping and water preservation regulations, why not consider some Texan wildflowers? Native to the area, resilient to draught and local pests / diseases, Texas wildflowers embellish our land and make our highway drives a trip through Paradise. Today, our lawn care Ovilla, TX pros talk about their five favorite Texan pink wildflowers to plant in your garden! » Read More

Have You Heard of the Crape Myrtle Bark Scale? Pest Control Arlington, TX Pros’ Warnings

Crape myrtles are beloved lawn and landscape ornamentals, praised for their looks, a relatively high level of freedom when it comes to pests and high crops’ added value on the farming markets. Not so long ago, however, specialists in agriculture, horticulture, and pest control in Arlington, TX found a new exotic pest attacking crape myrtles. As usual, like almost all pests, this crape myrtle black scale (CMBS) has found its safe heaven in Texas. CMBS starts to be a real threat and all homeowners should be informed about the dangers. Today, our pest control Arlington, TX pros share their knowledge and their tips on this relatively new pest threatening your crape myrtles. » Read More

Resident Toad or How to Think Pest Control Mansfield, TX Out of the Box

We have talked about organic pest control many times before, emphasizing on plants, soil amendments and beneficial insects or flowers that contribute to the reduction of garden pests. However, presented with an interesting challenge from our readers, we realized we didn’t focus much on the introduction of pests’ natural predators in the garden. As we all know, Texas is home for hundreds of pest and insects varieties.

On the other hand, the use of pesticides and chemical treatments is a sensitive subject when it comes to organic horticulture or safe lawn care approaches. This is why today we will think outside the box and consider the introduction of toads in your landscape so they can act as pest predators. Granted, toads are not the most pleasant looking wildlife you can offer your home to, but with the proper care you will enjoy all the benefits offered by toads without having many reasons to complain. » Read More

Naturescaping at its Best in Lawn Care Arlington, TX Projects

Given the fact that naturescaping and sustainability topics are important ones for homeowners in our area, we decided to continue our discussions by presenting you with vegetation options that follow such principles. We already looked at some turf grasses which are draught resilient, need little watering and make the perfect environment for the thriving of the eco-system. But a lush, healthy lawn also needs plants, flowers and shrubs to gain beauty and environmental value. Today, our lawn care Arlington, TX specialists want to present you with ornamental plants that promote sustainability, entertain beneficial insects and add color, contrast and movement to your gorgeous landscape. » Read More